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Christina Shalom


Heyy!!! I’m Chris 🥰, and I am just madly in love with biology💚. I couldn’t imagine my future without biology and hence chose Biotechnology (BTech) course. I’m simply fascinated by biology.So, of course I have my own opinions about the biological processes around us🤔. I hope that my blog will also make you see things differently🧐. The Game, is On🤓.

Thank you so much for visiting❤

So cute right? In love with this small replica of a microscope😍

Spirulina farm – Organisation for Eelam Refugees’ Rehabilitation (OfeRR). Me.K.Retnarajasingam.
Biological non fiction books📚 and many more to be added to the pile coz whynot?

One of my best drawings ever😅. Dated 23/7/2019.
My 11th std NCERT Biology textbook🙈. P.S. I do understand what I have written😝.
Of course, no page of mine can exist without a quoting John Green. This is one the beautiful quotes from ‘The fault in our stars


I’m Interested in internships related to biology and biotechnology. So please feel free to contact me.